Almost a year of experience working remotely

It has been almost a year since I joined 10up as a web engineer.

I think I have a better understanding of what is like to work for an employer and what it takes to succeed working remotely for one of the best companies in the WordPress industry.

Previously, I only worked for myself and it was all fun as I was only in charge of myself and no one else, so this was a big shift for me. However, 10up has been a very comprehensive company, taking into account I had 0 experience prior to being hired, I really appreciate the work they made to finding a place where I could fit and still provide value to the company.

Since then, I think my perspective and habits have changed as well.

What I enjoy the most about working for 10up is the sense of being a team as a whole, and not just an individual anymore. When I was by myself, it was all on me and finding solutions was my duty if i wanted to survive. However, on 10up now I care that everyone are up to date with their tasks, and they are also very concerned about me having everything I need to complete them.

Many many times, coworkers have stopped what they are doing to answer a question that may be obvious or to sync on a zoom call and I really appreciate that, as such, I feel like I’m in debt with the team as a whole and try to provide the most value I can whenever possible

So that has been my experience with remote work, I hope this inspires people to make the leap and find good team members, as in my experience, working remotely has been a great way to find likeminded people who you can grow with.




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